What’s on your school’s A lists?

My impression is that many business schools publish formal lists of A journals. These lists can vary quite a bit from one school to another. I am curious as to what’s on your school’s A lists. Here’s the lists published by the Katz Graduate School of Business of the University of Pittsburgh: Continue reading


Congratulations Yukika

Congratulations Yukika on being elected the next OCIS Student Rep at Large!

Job market vs research focus

I am observing trend of IS/IT job market since last couple of years and it appears that job market for MIS academics is declining (or at-least not growing) in North America. At the same time one can see the growing trend of hiring MIS professors in Asia and other place outside the North America. However, those schools appears less research oriented and some of them have research focus that is distinct from what we learn (or aspire to learn 🙂 ) in North American schools.  Does any one have any thoughts  on this. 

How should we  go about targetting global job market?

Should we take  broader approach to research  paradigms? 

Should we keep healthy balance between technological and social aspects of IT/IS research?

 Please convey your thoughts on these and other related issues.

Focusing on dissertation

How to stay focus on your Thesis work and at the same time also preparing manuscript for publication and attending to R&R? Do you allot some specific time slots (days, weeks) for each of these activities? Or do you attend to them as and when they come? Does a revise and resubmit disrupt your progress on thesis front?  In short how you multi-task and try to attend balance between various demands on your time?

Academic recruitment process?

I would like to know about academic recruitment process…

a)  I am enrolled in IS area. My thesis topic is cross disciplinary (IS, OB and  Sociology), I have taken 3 OB special fields. Does that qualify me for Job in OB area? 🙂   Or does that disqualify me from participating in IS job market? 🙂

b) When and how to negotiate salary and benefit structure?

 c) Can you take your spouse with you for campus interview?


Difference between University systems in Canada and US?

Does anybody has an idea about the differences in University systmes in Canada and US? How are private universities different from public universities? Why some universities provide summer support while others do not?

How to pick an effective academic parent (aka faculty supervisor)?

I have to pick a faculty supervisor/mentor (replace it with your fav. term) by the end of my current (second) year, and I am having some trouble making this choice. I think the difficulty arises because I am under the impression this relation is a significant and lifelong one, am I correct?

I did get some help from Grover’s essays on  “Managing  the PhD Advisor”, but I would like to learn from my peers about the roadsigns I have to pay attention to while picking my academic parent!

I would appreciate if you can share what has not worked for you when picking an advisor? Thanks in advance for all your wits,wisdom, and lessons-learned.