Your Favorite Study Place?

Hi there!

Just jumped in! My name is Yukika Awazu. I am the first year Ph.D. student at McCollum School of Business at Bentley College. Bentley College just launched its first Ph.D. program last year. Currently, we have two PhD. programs – Accountancy and Business.

I can talk more about my research interests, etc…but let’s do little by little… 😉

So, my first posting is…my favorite place to study…Our library has an Einstein Bagel cafe. Please see the picture. Flat screen TVs, bagel and cheese, etc. Finding a nice place to study is important, don’t you think so?

Please share your favorite study place! :)



Bentley Cafe


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE Einstein! Just the name of the place makes me feel smarter and want to study harder 🙂

    I love their cranberry bagels but they are not available in all stores. Do they take permanent residence in your Einstein shop?

    My personal favorite study place is my home sweet home, at my occasionally-not-so-messy desk with all my papers nicely categorized next to the captain seat. Here’s a photo of my desk area after a major reorg:

    It used to look like it was hit by a bomb:

  2. I prefer to work where it’s quiet and then play background music. When I rode the metro back and forth to classes I could get reading done on the commute, too.

    Rachel — that’s an impressively neat desk. (I wonder how long it’ll last!) 🙂

    Here’s what my desk area looks like these days… (click on thumbnails for larger pictures)

  3. Steven you seem to have a great view from your office! Love the woods 🙂

    My desk has been neat for over a week – Even I can’t believe it!

  4. Yes, thanks, I’m quite lucky to have a wonderful view from my office.

    My desk has been better organized lately, but is still far from neat!

  5. Nice place, Yawazu.. Your Einstein picture reminds me of his famous quote “Imagination is better than knowledge because knowledge is limited while imagination encirles the world “.

    My favourite study place is my mind. Galileo invented telescope for human to study the outer-space. However, not many people use their mindscope to mindview their inner-space. In other words, if a person’s mind is not settled, no matter how conducive to studying the physical environment may be, he/she is still not learning. Therefore, in my humble opinion, I think a conducive state of mind that precedes the secondary seed-like thought of looking for a conducive physical environment (e.g. cafe, et al.) is more important… =)

    guys…thanks for sharing all those nice pictures.. =)

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