CARMA Short Course on Internet Survey Design

Does your school provide funding for off-campus research courses? Here’s one that may be relevant to many OCIS researchers. The announcement from OCISNET

Survey Design/Data Collection Using the Internet
CARMA Summer Short Course, May 17-19, 2007
Dr. Jeff Stanton
Syracuse University

Course Summary
The Internet provides a range of powerful methods for collecting social science research data. Thousands of researchers around the world have taken advantage of the flexibility and reach of email and the web to deliver research materials to participants and collect their responses.

Yet there are numerous pitfalls in Internet-based research and many
studies have ended up with small samples, poor response rates, low
quality data, and research ethics disasters. This three day Short Course
provides all of the tools, techniques, and insights you will need to conduct a
worthwhile, methodologically sound research study using the Internet.

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to send you information about an upcoming 3-day Short
Course on Survey Design/ Data Collection Using the Internet being hosted in
May of 2007 by the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and
Analysis (CARMA) at Virginia Commonwealth University.  CARMA is an
interdisciplinary center that is now in its ninth year of operation, and
it has hosted over 100 events since its inception.   Last summer, faculty
and doctoral students from universities throughout the United States and
abroad participated in one or more of our short course events.   This summer, CARMA will be offering a total of nine Short Courses, and more information about CARMA and the events below can be found at our website: (

All of our short courses include an equal balance of lecture and lab
time with hands-on experience, with an emphasis on the application of the methodology.  Our instructors are nationally recognized within the organizational studies and management areas as experts on their topics, and several are current/past editors and editorial board members of leading organizational journals.

I think you will find our registration fees for these events to be very reasonable (they include three lunches and a dinner), and low cost housing
(Best Western Executive Hotel) is readily available with transportation
to and from campus provided.  CARMA has enjoyed considerable success in
providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for learning research
methods and data analysis.

The deadline for Advance Registration is April 1, but the classes have limited spaces and you should register earlier to guarantee a spot. Let me know if you have questions, please share this announcement with your colleagues and students who may be interested.


Dr. Larry J. Williams
CARMA Director

Survey Design/Data Collection Using the Internet
CARMA Summer Short Course, May 17-19, 2007
Dr. Jeff Stanton
Syracuse University

Presenter Information
Jeffrey M. Stanton, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut, 1997) is an associate professor and director of the Ph.D. program in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Dr. Stanton’s research focuses organizational behavior and technology, with his most recent projects examining how behavior affects information security and privacy in organizations. He is the author with Dr. Kathryn Stam of the book, The Visible Employee: Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets ? Without Compromising Employee Privacy or Trust (2006,
Information Today, ISBN: 0910965749).


Stanton has published more than 60 scholarly articles in top peer-reviewed
behavioral science journals, such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Human Performance.  His work also appears in Computers and Security, Communications of the ACM, the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Information Technology and People, the Journal of Information Systems Education, as well as Behaviour & Information Technology. Dr. Stanton is an expert psychometrician with
published works on the measurement of job satisfaction and job stress,
as well as research on creating abridged versions of scales and conducting survey research on the Internet; he is on the editorial board of Organizational Research Methods, the premier methodological journal in
the field of management. Dr. Stanton is an associate editor at the journal Human Resource Management. Dr. Stanton’s research has been supported
through more than ten different grants and awards including the National
Science Foundation?s prestigious CAREER award.

Dr. Stanton’s background also includes more than a decade of experience
in business–both in established firms and start-up companies.  In 1995, Stanton worked as a human resources analyst for Applied Psychological Techniques, a human resource consulting firm based in Darien, Connecticut. His projects at this firm included the development, implementation, and
assessment of a performance appraisal system, development of a selection
battery for customer service representatives, and the creation of a job classification and work standards system for over 350 positions in the public utilities industry.  Dr. Stanton also worked for HRStrategies, Inc.
as a human resources consultant, the Connecticut department of Mental Health as a statistical consultant, and for Inpho Inc. (now,
AKG Acoustics Inc., and the Texet Corporation in management and
engineering positions.

Course Outline & Learning Objectives

Day 1
1. Quick success with a commercial survey service
2. Study and instrument design
3. Non-technical introduction to Internet and web technology
4. Open source survey packages
5. Server-hosted survey packages at your university

Day 2
1. Developing and maintaining sources of research participants
2. SPAM, ethics, and your Institutional Review Board
3. Recruiting, incentives, and reminders
4. The tailored design method

Day 3
1. Data screening, cleaning, and analysis
2. Survey psychometrics primer
3. Manuscript bulletproofing for publishing

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have all the skills and
tools to conduct their own web survey. Accounts will be provided on all necessary servers during and after the course  Complete archive of course materials Internet links and software installers will be available in WebCT. Workshop participants will have access to a free screening sample from StudyResponse.

Dr. Larry J. Williams, Director
Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA)
Virginia Commonwealth University
1015 Floyd Avenue
PO Box 844000
Richmond, VA 23284
phone: 804-828-7163
fax: 804-225-4790


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