Top ten signs that you’re an MIS major

Last year a group of us at Katz were throwing ideas around for ways to attract potential undergrad MIS majors and to boost enrollment. I asked ….

How about “Top ten signs that you’re an MIS major“, starting with….

1. You dream about using computers to change the status quo.
2. You don’t mind computers doing the work for you.
3. You are puzzled by any business that makes money without computers.

Ending with (a controversial one)…
10. Deep down you’re still a nerd…

Brian Butler threw in this one:

4. Because you actually know what “is” is.

How about you? What would you write?


10 Responses

  1. Much of your working vocabulary consists of acronyms (e.g., EDI, TCP, ERP, BPR).

  2. You use blogs for marketing, wikis for project management, and ask corporate lawyers to subpoena competitors’ emails.

  3. 5. You need three co-authors to cover Management, Information and Systems aspects of MIS

    6. You wonder whether there will be any (second) life without computers.

  4. re: Nick’s comment:
    You’re vocabulary is fully buzzword compliant and lingo full of TLAs

    re: Israr’s comment:
    6b. You know more people in Second Life than first.

  5. 7. You collaborate with people around the world (through CMC) but do not know what your colleague next door is working on.

    8. Your intellectual capital is measured in terms of your knowledge about TLAs

    9. (This one is deliberately sarcastic) You pretend to your friends in Management and Organization research that you are an expert on computer related stuff, and to your friends in Computer Science that you are expert on managerial and organizational issues. While the fact is you are neither.

  6. I like number 9… 😀

  7. #9 is a version of the 0/0 split…

    You’ve heard of a 50/50 job assignment, where you work for two different bosses (departments, advisers, etc.)?

    Well, the zero-zero split is when you tell each advisor that you’re totally swamped working for the other one! It only works if they don’t talk to each other, of course. 😉

  8. Hi I’m a public relations student at Washington State University working with the DIS dept. to increase enrolment. I’d be interested in talking to you to see what you’ve found.



  9. You spend 25 minutes trying to come up with something good to add to the top 10 list

  10. …worrying that your errors will forever be digitized for millions and future generations to see 🙂

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