OCIS looking for new student leadership

Steven and I have had a very fruitful experience working as student representatives for OCIS. It has not only allowed us to make a difference in the community, but has introduced us to so many new people who we perhaps wouldn’t have had a chance to meet so easily.

As my tenure as student rep runs out, we are looking for fresh blood to take over. We already have a couple of very dedicated students who have volunteered to run for the position of student-rep. We need one more student now. If you feel excited about this, write to us (Steven Johnson at steven.l.johnson@gmail.com or Tanu Ghosh at tanu@mit.edu). The roles and responsibilities are described below.

And just in case you need to learn more about OCIS, heres the link to the division website: http://ocis.aomonline.org/

Roles and responsibilities- OCIS student representative-at-large

§ Represent student members during executive committee meetings. These include the meeting during the annual conference and other periodic telephone meetings.

§ Engage other doctoral students in OCIS and AOM activities. These include, among others, OCIS paper submissions, OCIS presentations, PDWs, and AOM social events.

§ Contribute to the OCIS website with information on student-related activities.

§ Collaborate with students local to the AOM venue to provide navigation information for AOM meeting.

§ Participate in the Student Website Committee, initiate ideas, contributions for greater student interaction on the website.

§ Other duties as required including participation in executive committee initiatives on an ad-hoc basis

§ Time commitment – 2-4+ hours per month, dependent upon level of involvement with student website

§ Best to be early-to-mid level (2nd year would be best) Grad student given the time commitment required and also given the tenure of this position.


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