Short Takes from InsideHigherEd: You Can’t Eat Prestige…

Three items from

  1. You Can’t Eat Prestige. Private schools are typically viewed as more prestigious work places, yet “…information released from a major research study of junior faculty satisfaction suggests that there are plenty of ways that public institutions — and we’re not just talking Berkeley and Michigan here — can be among the most desirable places for young professors to work.”
  2. Quick Take #1: Even the most research-intensive institutions care about teaching.  “A faculty panel at Harvard University on Wednesday called for new efforts to improve the quality of teaching. Most of the recommendations — greater support for pedagogical innovations, linking teaching quality to salary reviews and career advancement — are hardly revolutionary in the context of higher education as a whole, but represent a new emphasis for Harvard, where research has dominated faculty appointments and advancement. The panel’s work will be reviewed over the next year.”
  3. Quick Take #2: “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill accidentally sent an e-mail to about 2,700 applicants congratulating them on their admission to the university — even though no decision had been made on their applications, WRAL News reported. The applicants are being contacted with the bad news that the e-mail was a mistake.”

That’s a big oops! What’s the most embarrassing e-mail you’ve ever sent accidentally?


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