OCIS Doctoral Consortium Call for Applications

A pertinent announcement on OCISNET from Prof. Katherine Stewart

The OCIS division of the Academy of Management is pleased to announce the 2007 Doctoral Consortium, to be held in Philadelphia, PA, August 3-4, 2007. The consortium will provide an opportunity for doctoral students to network, receive feedback on their research, and discuss career issues. PhD students working on research in the areas of Organizational Communication and Information Systems are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is May 18, 2007.

     Doctoral Consortium Dates and Times:

     Friday, August 3, 2007, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
     Saturday, August 4, 2007, 9:00am – 5:30pm

     Faculty Advisors for the Doctoral Consortium:

     Manju Ahuja, Indiana University, USA
     Rueylin Hsiao, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
     Craig Scott, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA
     Katherine Stewart, University of Maryland, USA
     Venki Venkatesh, University of Arkansas, USA
     Jane Webster, Queens University, CANADA

     Application Process:

     Submit the following materials via email to Katherine Stewart by May 18, 2007.

     1. Completed application form (below)
     2. 5-page, double-spaced summary of proposed dissertation research
     3. Letter of recommendation from dissertation chair/advisor
     4. Curriculum Vitae

     Any questions about the consortium should be directed to Katherine Stewart.

     OCIS 2007 Doctoral Consortium Application Form
     DEADLINE: MAY 18, 2007

     Phone number:

     1. What year are you in your PhD program?
           __1st __2nd __3rd __4th __5th or more
     2. Will you have completed your dissertation proposal by August 3, 2007?
     __yes __no

     3. Have you participated in an OCIS Doctoral Consortium in the past?
     __yes __no

     4. Name and Contact Information for dissertation chair/advisor:

     5. To consider your application we must receive a recommendation from your chair/advisor. It should be emailed to kstewart@rhsmith.umd.edu no later than May 18, 2007. Have you asked your chair to submit a letter?
     __yes __no

     6. Briefly describe your research interests. (1 Paragraph)

     7. Briefly describe your dissertation research, including its current status (1 paragraph).

Katherine Stewart
Associate Professor
Department of Decision and Information Technologies
R. H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland

I can highly recommend the OCIS Doctoral Consortium. I attended in 2005 (Hawaii) as a participant and in 2006 (Atlanta) as a Doctoral Student Representative. Both times I learned tons, met lots of neat people and found the whole experience quite valuable.


11 Responses

  1. I attended this down in New Orleans a few years ago (which does raise the question of why I haven’t graduated yet :).

    Highly recommend this, even for people quite early in the program. In my year, at least, there was a strong concentration on professional issues and getting accustomed to the Academy as a whole.

    Probably most importantly one makes good friends that one will see at conferences for years to come. Definitely the best reason to go 🙂

  2. […] deadline for application for the 2007 OCIS Doctoral Consortium is May 18, 2007. There are many benefits for participating in this year’s OCIS Doctoral […]

  3. An exciting feature of this year’s OCIS DC is the travel funds:
    “The consortium is being supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and funds will be available to defray participation costs for accepted doctoral students. Exact details of the available funding will be provided upon acceptance of the application. These are expected to include the costs of AOM registration, 2 nights shared hotel accommodations, meals during the consortium, and travel expenses for applicants enrolled in degree programs at U.S. institutions. “

  4. Hi Steven & Rachel,

    I was wondering if the OCIS Doctoral Consortium is also open for 2nd year PhDs. I am currently in 2nd year, though I have finished up my coursework.

    This year I am attending OMT division dissertation proposal workshop for people in the same boat as me.


  5. Dear Vinay,

    I participated as a second-year student last year. I definitely think it’s worth trying to apply! It’s due today. Good luck!!!


  6. Hi, Rachel. The deadline last year was May 26, right? When did you receive their decision? I’m thinking the turnaround must be fairly quick since the conference is in August – right around the corner! About how many students participated last year?

  7. Dear Christina,

    My records show that I was contacted on June 20 because my application got lost. I re-sent my application on June 21st and received acceptance on the same day. This means that even with the mixed-up, the turnaround took less than a month. Hopefully they’ll be on more or less the same timeline this year.

  8. Dear Rachel,

    Thanks for informing me about it!

    I was thinking that the OCIS Doctoral Consortium is like ICIS one, in which people usually in 4-5th year apply. Its good to know that its open for 2-3rd year students, I will apply next year for it.

    This year I think OMT division’s workshop suits me as its for students still developing their proposals.

    It’ll be nice if you can share more about your experiences with sessions at AoM meetings – which ones are most interesting? which ones can be skipped 😉 etc.


    V (vtiwari@rsm.nl)

  9. Dear Vinay,

    I’m glad the information was helpful. That’s exactly the purpose of this networking site! My experience is that the ICIS DC is meant to be selective, whereas most other DCs are meant to be more developmental. Many tracks of the AOM offer their own DCs. In OB and Strategy I’ve seen people participating in a different DC every year, or participating in two different DCs in the same year. I’m sure you’ll have fun at the OMT workshop!

  10. re: what year for consortium

    I attended as a 2nd-going-on-3rd year student, but that was 2 years ago. As the OCIS consortium has become more popular it has also become more selective. That means it is harder to get in as a 2nd year student than a 3rd. It does help if you have far along with independent research projects.

    There’s another preconference workshop that 1st and 2nd year students might want to check out. I’m pretty sure they are still doing it–there’s some kind of all-academy workshop just for 1st and 2nd year students as an introduction to AOM.

  11. Steven, thanks for the elaboration. I wish I knew all this when I was younger….

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