A Little Bit of This and That

* You’ve heard of open source and open sesame, how about Open Research? Welcome to the Open Research Society:

The Open Research Society (ORS) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to the promotion of the “open research” paradigm in scholarly publishing, research cooperation and dissemination of research results in the field of Information Technology in a broad sense.

The initial effort of the society will be that of contributing to the open access movement in scholarly communication with a community-based approach to scientific journals and research monographs.ORS is open to any individual that is interested in the activities of the society. Membership in the Society is free. Fees will be only required to support specific open research initiatives, in which participation will take place by volunteering.

 Any individual or institution interested in the concept of the ORS can subscribe the Yahoo Group to keep informed on the projects of the ORS: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/open-research-society/

* Have you experienced your Institutional Review Board yet? Here’s an interesting article about an interesting blog, Paul D. Thacker writes in Reviewing the Reviewers:

To hear it from Zachary Schrag, assistant professor of history at George Mason University, getting clearance from an institutional review board to conduct an oral history project is not only onerous, but it can place demands on a researcher that compromises professional ethics. An IRB must approve any study that involves human subjects, and IRBs at some institutions have asked oral historians to destroy primary sources of information such as taped interviews.

Turns out lots of people have IRB “horror stories” to share.

Schrag started Institutional Review Blog to document unfortunate encounters with IRBs, and to create an interdisciplinary community of researchers from across academe — fields such as communications, history and psychology — who struggle with IRBs.

Do you have any stories to share, good or bad, about IRBs?


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