Getting a Job: Common Interview Questions

Ace Your Interview

Some recent comments deserve further mention. First, tanugh noted

I got this question from several people during ICIS – how many hours did I work every day?

Then, Sherae offered a list of common interview questions:

Tell me about your dissertation.

What kind of research do you plan to do in the future?

Why did you apply to this school (university) in particular?

Have you been to this city (that the school is in)?

What are your professional goals?

What kinds of classes are you comfortable teaching?

How did your past teaching experiences go?

What book did you use when you taught (whatever class you taught)?

Why did you publish in the journal you published in?

How are your advisors/did they get tenure/have they read my paper?

Who do you plan to work with in the future?

These are great questions to anticipate in job interviews.

Getting a job is about being the “best fit” for a position, not being the “best qualified.” Schools want candidates who really want to go there, not candidates who will use the offer to find something better.

Thinking through answers in advance and, most importantly, tailoring those answers to the school and interviewers is what differentiates the “best prepared” candidates. It’s what gives both you and the school the best chance to mutually determine if the position really is a fit.

What other job interview questions can you think of? Any advice on “good” and “not so good” answers to these questions?


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