OCIS looking for new student leadership

Steven and I have had a very fruitful experience working as student representatives for OCIS. It has not only allowed us to make a difference in the community, but has introduced us to so many new people who we perhaps wouldn’t have had a chance to meet so easily.

As my tenure as student rep runs out, we are looking for fresh blood to take over. We already have a couple of very dedicated students who have volunteered to run for the position of student-rep. We need one more student now. If you feel excited about this, write to us (Steven Johnson at steven.l.johnson@gmail.com or Tanu Ghosh at tanu@mit.edu). The roles and responsibilities are described below.

And just in case you need to learn more about OCIS, heres the link to the division website: http://ocis.aomonline.org/

Roles and responsibilities- OCIS student representative-at-large

§ Represent student members during executive committee meetings. These include the meeting during the annual conference and other periodic telephone meetings.

§ Engage other doctoral students in OCIS and AOM activities. These include, among others, OCIS paper submissions, OCIS presentations, PDWs, and AOM social events.

§ Contribute to the OCIS website with information on student-related activities.

§ Collaborate with students local to the AOM venue to provide navigation information for AOM meeting.

§ Participate in the Student Website Committee, initiate ideas, contributions for greater student interaction on the website.

§ Other duties as required including participation in executive committee initiatives on an ad-hoc basis

§ Time commitment – 2-4+ hours per month, dependent upon level of involvement with student website

§ Best to be early-to-mid level (2nd year would be best) Grad student given the time commitment required and also given the tenure of this position.


Congratulations Dr. Mu!

My buddy Enrique is officially Dr. Mu!

Here’s the announcement from Brian Butler:

“At approximately 3:10 this afternoon Enrique successfully defended his dissertation.

It was about 11 inches long and weighed about 1.5 lbs.

Both student and commitee are doing fine.


Please congratulate Enrique when you get a chance.”

Short Takes from InsideHigherEd: You Can’t Eat Prestige…

Three items from InsiderHigherEd.com:

  1. You Can’t Eat Prestige. Private schools are typically viewed as more prestigious work places, yet “…information released from a major research study of junior faculty satisfaction suggests that there are plenty of ways that public institutions — and we’re not just talking Berkeley and Michigan here — can be among the most desirable places for young professors to work.”
  2. Quick Take #1: Even the most research-intensive institutions care about teaching.  “A faculty panel at Harvard University on Wednesday called for new efforts to improve the quality of teaching. Most of the recommendations — greater support for pedagogical innovations, linking teaching quality to salary reviews and career advancement — are hardly revolutionary in the context of higher education as a whole, but represent a new emphasis for Harvard, where research has dominated faculty appointments and advancement. The panel’s work will be reviewed over the next year.”
  3. Quick Take #2: “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill accidentally sent an e-mail to about 2,700 applicants congratulating them on their admission to the university — even though no decision had been made on their applications, WRAL News reported. The applicants are being contacted with the bad news that the e-mail was a mistake.”

That’s a big oops! What’s the most embarrassing e-mail you’ve ever sent accidentally?

OCIS Doctoral Consortium Call for Applications

A pertinent announcement on OCISNET from Prof. Katherine Stewart

The OCIS division of the Academy of Management is pleased to announce the 2007 Doctoral Consortium, to be held in Philadelphia, PA, August 3-4, 2007. The consortium will provide an opportunity for doctoral students to network, receive feedback on their research, and discuss career issues. PhD students working on research in the areas of Organizational Communication and Information Systems are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is May 18, 2007.

     Doctoral Consortium Dates and Times:

     Friday, August 3, 2007, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
     Saturday, August 4, 2007, 9:00am – 5:30pm

     Faculty Advisors for the Doctoral Consortium:

     Manju Ahuja, Indiana University, USA
     Rueylin Hsiao, National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
     Craig Scott, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA
     Katherine Stewart, University of Maryland, USA
     Venki Venkatesh, University of Arkansas, USA
     Jane Webster, Queens University, CANADA

     Application Process:

     Submit the following materials via email to Katherine Stewart by May 18, 2007.

     1. Completed application form (below)
     2. 5-page, double-spaced summary of proposed dissertation research
     3. Letter of recommendation from dissertation chair/advisor
     4. Curriculum Vitae

     Any questions about the consortium should be directed to Katherine Stewart.

     OCIS 2007 Doctoral Consortium Application Form
     DEADLINE: MAY 18, 2007

     Phone number:

     1. What year are you in your PhD program?
           __1st __2nd __3rd __4th __5th or more
     2. Will you have completed your dissertation proposal by August 3, 2007?
     __yes __no

     3. Have you participated in an OCIS Doctoral Consortium in the past?
     __yes __no

     4. Name and Contact Information for dissertation chair/advisor:

     5. To consider your application we must receive a recommendation from your chair/advisor. It should be emailed to kstewart@rhsmith.umd.edu no later than May 18, 2007. Have you asked your chair to submit a letter?
     __yes __no

     6. Briefly describe your research interests. (1 Paragraph)

     7. Briefly describe your dissertation research, including its current status (1 paragraph).

Katherine Stewart
Associate Professor
Department of Decision and Information Technologies
R. H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland

I can highly recommend the OCIS Doctoral Consortium. I attended in 2005 (Hawaii) as a participant and in 2006 (Atlanta) as a Doctoral Student Representative. Both times I learned tons, met lots of neat people and found the whole experience quite valuable.

Knowledge Management Research Resource

Do you study a topic related to Knowledge Management? If so, look at KM News and Resources. It appears to be an automated feed of KM-related articles and conferences in both English and German language.

Here’s two recent entries of particular OCIS relevance. First, an article I would have easily missed: John Seeley Brown on Networks of Practice. Next, a conference announcement,  Call for Papers and Demos: Workshop on Social and Collaborative Construction of Structured Knoweldge, Banff, Canada.

Have you found any interesting websites lately? Discovered any recent articles you found really eye-opening? Are you checking out any different conferences this year?

A Little Bit of This and That

* You’ve heard of open source and open sesame, how about Open Research? Welcome to the Open Research Society:

The Open Research Society (ORS) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to the promotion of the “open research” paradigm in scholarly publishing, research cooperation and dissemination of research results in the field of Information Technology in a broad sense.

The initial effort of the society will be that of contributing to the open access movement in scholarly communication with a community-based approach to scientific journals and research monographs.ORS is open to any individual that is interested in the activities of the society. Membership in the Society is free. Fees will be only required to support specific open research initiatives, in which participation will take place by volunteering.

 Any individual or institution interested in the concept of the ORS can subscribe the Yahoo Group to keep informed on the projects of the ORS: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/open-research-society/

* Have you experienced your Institutional Review Board yet? Here’s an interesting article about an interesting blog, Paul D. Thacker writes in Reviewing the Reviewers:

To hear it from Zachary Schrag, assistant professor of history at George Mason University, getting clearance from an institutional review board to conduct an oral history project is not only onerous, but it can place demands on a researcher that compromises professional ethics. An IRB must approve any study that involves human subjects, and IRBs at some institutions have asked oral historians to destroy primary sources of information such as taped interviews.

Turns out lots of people have IRB “horror stories” to share.

Schrag started Institutional Review Blog to document unfortunate encounters with IRBs, and to create an interdisciplinary community of researchers from across academe — fields such as communications, history and psychology — who struggle with IRBs.

Do you have any stories to share, good or bad, about IRBs?

TIM Best Dissertation Award: Upcoming Deadline

This message was posted on the OCISNET mailing list earlier this week.

The Technology and Innovation Management Division of the Academy of Management invites submissions for the 2007 TIM Best Dissertation Award. We will consider submissions for doctoral dissertations completed during calendar years 2005 and 2006.

We take a broad perspective on technology and innovation, including all aspects of the emergence, diffusion, adoption, commercialization, evolution and performance/welfare consequences of technologies and innovations.

The award process involves two stages.  In the first stage, each applicant submits a 5-page dissertation abstract by January 31.  A panel of experienced researchers then selects the finalists.  In the second stage, each finalist is invited to submit a 30-page manuscript based upon his/her dissertation.  The panel reviews these manuscripts, provides feedback, and selects the best dissertation which will be awarded at the Annual Academy of Management Meetings in Philadelphia.  Details on the submission process are posted at http://www.aomtim.org with the 2007 meeting information.

Dissertation Award Co-Chairs:

Xavier Martin
Faculty of Economics & Business Administration
Tilburg University

Victor Seidel
Said Business School
University of Oxford