Call for Papers: AOM-OCIS 2007

Who’s working on submissions for the Academy of Management 2007 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia?

For your convenience here’s information on the submission system and the OCIS division guidelines.

Submission System

The 2007 Scholarly Submission System is now open! The submission deadline is January 15, 2007.

The Academy of Management is now accepting scholarly submissions for its 2007 Annual Meeting, August 3-8, Philadelphia, PA. 

To ensure that your submission is correct and that it is reviewed, please carefully read through all the guidelines, instructions, and division domain information.  The submission deadline is January 15, 2007, but PLEASE, PLEASE SUBMIT EARLY!

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Jimmy Le.

Start the submission process!

Organizational Communication and Information Systems

Program Chair: Paul Hart

Specific Domain: OCIS focuses on the study of behavioral, economic, and social spects of communication and information systems within and among oganizations or institutions.  Major topics include:  interpersonal communication; verbal, nonverbal, and electronic communication; vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication; inter-group and intra-group communication; communication networks; applications of information technology in business and society; organizational adoption of communication and information technology; communication and information strategy and policy; communication and organizational culture; communication and information research methodology; managing information technology services; virtual teams, virtual work, and virtual organizations; the management of information systems professionals; e-communications; information systems development; managing IT-related organizational change; e-business, e-commerce, and e-markets; electronic value systems, value chains, and value webs; privacy and ethics; knowledge work, knowledge workers, and knowledge networks; IT infrastructure; governance of IT services; and organizational networks.

Special Instructions: OCIS invites the submission of innovative empirical or conceptual papers and symposia on all themes of interest to the Academy that touch on organizational communications, information systems, or computer-based technologies.  Topics that are specifically oriented to the 2007 all-Academy theme of “Doing Well by Doing Good” are especially encouraged.  This year’s theme emphasizes the importance of social success when developing and reinforcing “best practices” based on the research of the Academy members.  This theme builds on last year’s theme linking management and public concern.

Division Awards:   Division awards will be presented for best paper, best interactive paper, and best reviewer.  In addition, an award will be given for best student paper (see the OCIS Division website at for more details about this submission).  An award will also be given for the best paper by an OCIS member published during 2006.  The Gerardine DeSanctis Dissertation Award, given by the OCIS Division, will be inaugurated at the 2007 Annual Meeting.  Solo-authored papers based on a dissertation completed within the past three years are eligible (see the OCIS Division website at for more details). The winner of the Gerardine DeSanctis Award will be automatically nominated for the Academy-wide William H. Newman Award.  The OCIS Division will also nominate one paper for the Academy-wide Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award (see the Orientation and Awards section in the submission guidelines for more details).


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