What’s Going On Around Here?

This is one of those “meta” posts where I write about the site itself.

So far we’ve had a slow, steady, soft launch of the site. A small steering committee–Tanu Ghosh, Dave Yates and myself–started things off through word-of-mouth advertising. Now that we have a solid base of participation 🙂 we’re launching a full roll-out.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be making announcements on OCISNet, ISWorld, AOM’S Student Listserve, the Internet Researcher’s Email List and anywhere else that might drum up visitors.

How can you help?

(1) Let us know if there’s anywhere else you can think of to advertise the existence of this group.

(2) Are you happy with the topics we’ve been covering so far? Are there topics you’d like to see more of? Are there areas we’ve missed altogether? Let us know.

(3) Invite other Organizational Communications and Information Systems doctoral students at your school to join in the fun!

Please post any suggestions for item #1 and any feedback on #2 in the comments. Many thanks!


3 Responses

  1. There’s a topic I’d like to see covered more: information on what kind of research fellow students are doing. For example, something I’d find really interesting is brief introductions to theories that people are drawing from in their research.

  2. I got this question from several people during ICIS – how many hours did I work every day? I think that would be something I would love to hear people’s thoughts on. What is work? Is reading articles work? Is writing work? Is attending meetings work? Is sitting day dreaming on computer work? What do people think?

  3. There are several other topics around which I would like to see a discussion. Let me try to list these down:

    Around research:
    – how do people choose thesis topics? Do you jump in on some project that your advisor is on or do you carve out your own?

    – how much collaboration do you have with other faculty and other students? pros, cons?

    – are there particular research methods that your school/department propagates?

    -how do you organize everything that you read or hear? I get so much information everyday not only from articles and books but also from seminars and conferences. What are our own knowledge management tools?

    – how is funding organized? Are you encouraged to seek outside grants in supporting research?

    – this is a perennial favorite – what form of thesis is supported – essays vs. book form?

    – how much emphasis is on publishing vs. just learning and generating ideas?


    – emphasis on teaching? what kinds of courses do you teach? to whom – undergrads? Mbas? Execs? Do you design your own course or are you only an instructor or in fact a teaching assistant?

    – what kind of professional service do you contribute to? Reviewing? Something within your school?

    – Conferences – how do you get the most out of conferences? (for me, my interaction with fellow students is the best way to enjoy a conference and to learn plenty)

    – job market related discussion – plenty there!

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