Hello, Welcome, Pleased to Meet You

I met a lot of nice folks at ICIS 2006 this week in Wisconsin. Thank you to all of you who expressed interest in Academy of Management. Thank you even more for dropping by to check out our site.

A big reason we started this site is to give students a way to connect in between conferences. [Along with that–for some students it’s to encourage you to attend in the first place!]

In that spirit please post a comment introducing yourself:

> Name

> School / Program

> Year or stage in program

> Research interests

I’ve started in the first comment. Please join in. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some future research collaborators here!


8 Responses

  1. Steven L. Johnson
    U. of Maryland / Information Systems Ph. D. program
    4th year – working on dissertation proposal

    I’m doing research on electronic groups–looking at things like sustainability of online groups, exchange regimes, lurking, and other stuff at a network/group level. My PhD minor is in social psychology.

    Fun bonus fact: At age 15 I ate breakfast with a Sultan/Sultanese of Malaysia after spending the night as a guest in their palace.

  2. Nick Roberts
    Clemson University / MIS Ph.D. program
    2nd year

    I am doing research on…
    Social contagion and organizational IT adoption
    Mindfulness in an IT context
    Post-adoption behaviors
    Absorptive capacity in IOS contexts

  3. Rachel Chung
    U. of Pittsburgh/MIS PhD program
    3rd year – working on dissertation

    I am working on:
    Knowledge Refinement Processes
    Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness
    Impact of Expertise

    Nice to meet you all!

  4. Joe Rubleske
    Syracuse University
    4th year – nearing diss proposal

    Hello all – it was good to see Steven and everyone else at ICIS. My research looks at change issues related to implementation of advanced or ‘radical’ technologies in groups, mainly co-located organizations. Diss looks specifically at the process by which architects’ roles are being (re)negotiated in a firm that is trying to implement 3-D modeling tools and practices. If anyone is doing something similar drop me a line at jrublesk dot syr dot edu.

  5. Tanu Ghosh
    MIT Sloan School of Management
    5th year

    studying IT design and use from a sociological perspective. Technological artifacts that I have examined so far: communication technologies, databases.

  6. Caryn Conley
    NYU Stern School of Business
    5th year – working on dissertation

    In my thesis, I’m studying how characteristics of project structure affect participation and success in the online collective production of information goods (e.g. open source software (OSS) development, Wikipedia). Separately, I’m also doing field work to examine how moving from traditional software development methods to OSS development methods affects communication, collaboration, and productivity within the firm’s software development teams.

  7. U. of Maryland / Information Systems Ph. D. program
    3rd Year – Finishing last module and starting dissertation topic search

    I am interested in the evolution of IT innovations from a social constructivist perspective. I am also studying how IT innovations are socially constructed within organizations during the adoption stage. Finally, I am also keen to understand how IT firms compete with regards to these IT innovations.

  8. Yong Kim
    UT Austin McCombs School of Business
    2nd year

    Interested in:
    Knowledge transfer/replication
    Online social network/collaboration

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