Job Search Resources

We’ll all (hopefully!) end up on the job market eventually. When you do, here are some web resources you may find of interest. First, to locate job openings…

  • For Information Systems jobs make sure to check out the AIS Placement Service.
  • OCIS maintains a list job openings here (including Communications Dept. jobs).

Next, to learn more about specific schools…

  • Some schools maintain detailed profiles at the Chronicle of Higher Education website.
  • Curious who the Academy of Management members are at a school? Search the AOM member database. Search hints: institution names are entered multiple ways so try searching by state, too. You can use the “Division” option to see members in a single division (like OCIS).
  • The Association of Information Systems also maintains a faculty directory. You additional information about a faculty member there that they don’t post on their university website.

Finally, if you’re curious about what salaries are like see the AIS Salary Offer Database or the AAUP Faculty Salary Survey.

Does anyone else have a favorite website or other resource they’ve found particularly useful in their job search? For anyone already on the market, have you found the AIS Placement service helpful?


One Response

  1. I’m only in my second year, so I’m not thinking about the job market yet (at least not seriously). However, I am interested in how those of you on the market are faring with respect to these job search resources. Although the public resources are valuable, how many of you have found informal (e.g., word of mouth) resources valuable? If so, how much (compared to public resources)?

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