Call for Action Research – Music Sharing at ICIS 2006

Dear fellow OCIS’ers attending ICIS this December,

 I would like to propose a collaborative effort for action research, with the following topic:

Sharing of music files within networks of weak ties. 

The purpose of this research would be to study how individuals who meet a few times a year interact for the purpose of file sharing.  As our primarily methodology would be a strategy of action research, participants are encouraged to bring their own music libraries.  Possible research questions include: how does structural diversity impact the amount of file sharing?  How does tie strength moderate the above relationship?  How does file sharing impact tie strength?

 What I hope to find is that while members of homogenous networks (characterized by strong ties) have little diversity with respect to the range of musical interest, networks of weak ties will have a much more diverse and interesting mix of music to share.  Further, when music is shared, tie strength will increase. 

 Anyone interested in co-authoring?  🙂


One Response

  1. Nice one. Let’s name our iTunes libraries OCIS: this ICIS and see if we can find them on the networks, then put a face to a library at the social event.

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