Call for Reviewers

Did you ever wonder how senior editors of top journals got started in this important academic endeavor?  The odds are good the first review they wrote was for a conference.

Yes, you too can follow in the footsteps of the greats of our field! With a goal of at least three reviews per conference submission, there are ample opportunities to include doctoral students as reviewers. Sign up now to be a reviewer for the OCIS track of the AOM Conference. For more information visit:

One hint: there is a new step in the reviewer registration process this year. After you select all of your keywords you rank order them. Keep keywords down to a reasonable amount (a couple dozen?) to keep the ranking process manageable!

Why review? There’s lots of good reasons:

  • When you submit a paper you will receive 2 or 3 reviews. You can reciprocate in advance by agreeing to be a reviewer.
  • The act of reviewing forces you to externalize your knowledge. Providing constructive feedback to others is a great teacher for your own work.
  • Typically you’ll get to read an interesting paper on a topic of interest to you. The process of actively engaging with a manuscript by writing a review has given me insights into my own research topics in surprising ways. Quite frequently I learn of citations that I might otherwise miss out on, too.

Did I convince you yet? Good, go sign up. Visit: Do it now.

Any questions about the OCIS review process or reviewing in general? Ask away…


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, first run through I didn’t read the fine print and found myself trying to rank 39 keywords! Now, my expertise is a much more narrowly defined 12.

    As much as reviewing is a time drain, it is worth it not only for the citizenship, but you can see how people did things you would never have done – and it forces you to really know your stuff if you are going to write a critique.

  2. I agree on all points with both of you. There is also that sense of accomplishment that I actually know enough now to be able to critique a paper!!!

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