Planning (Far) Ahead

2009 is a short 3 years away. Only 26 1/2 months and it’ll be upon us.

Any guesses on what projects you’ll be busy with the first two weeks of January 2009? How about February 2009? Any idea where you’ll be on August 11, 2009?

Surprisingly, I can already answer these questions with a high degree of certainty. In fact, I can give similar answers for years 2007, 2008, 2010 and the foreseeable future beyond even then!

As long as I have an academic career, there’s a good chance I’ll be submitting a paper, reviewing submissions, and attending the Academy of Management conference every year. These activities follow a similar annual pattern:

  • The AOM conference submission deadline falls in early January. Looking at the 2007 call for submissions, I see the deadline is January 15, 2007.
  • Within a week or so, the track chairs will send out request to reviewers. Adding 3-4 weeks for completing reviews, I can plan in early February each year to review one or more submissions.
  • The conference itself is held the early part of August. The 2007 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia runs from August 3-8. The last three days are the ones with paper presentations, the earlier ones where meetings, professional development workshops and consortium fall. [In case you’re wondering, the AOM 2009 Annual Meeting will be held in Chicago, Illinois.]

That’s the cycle I’ve followed the last 3 years. At least half of each winter break has been consumed preparing conference submissions. Each February I’ve been a reviewer. Each August I’ve been in a different city for the AOM Conference (New Orleans, Honolulu, Atlanta).

  • Now in mid-October we’ve got 3 months left until the 2007 submission deadline. Have you thought about what you might submit to this year’s conference? Do you have any class papers or projects you can adapt into submissions?
  • I’ve described the AOM schedule. Submitting to, reviewing for, attending other conferences have their own schedule (e.g., ICIS is submit in May, review in June, attend in December). Are there any conferences that other folks attend or plan to attend regularly?

One Response

  1. Good advice – where were you 3 years ago. As I grow older and wiser, I think that high on the list of advice I would give first year PhD students is “don’t write ANYTHING that you might not be able to publish – and don’t hide what you are doing from faculty, go get their opinions right away.”

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