On Being a WordPress Site

Are you wondering how our interactions here are enabled yet constrained by the technology infrastructure of WordPress?

Of course. Who isn’t?

Okay, that isn’t the exact wording of emails in my Inbox.

By popular demand, in this post, I relate user privileges for key features and functions of WordPress. [There, that’s closer to the wording of the email. 🙂 More below the break… ]

  • Access the site: The site is open access to anyone with a browser (or RSS feed, for that matter). Posts (and/or comments) will may even show up in a blog aggregator like technorati or search engines like google some day. [The current site configuration allows spiders to index the site; if or when we hit their radar is an open question.]
  • Leave a comment: anyone can leave a comment as long as they either (a) provide a name and email address or (b) are logged in to a WordPress account.
  • Write a post: to write a post you need to BOTH (a) open a (free) WordPress account AND (b) have the administrator (me, for now) grant you author privileges. Send me an email at  steven.l.johnson@gmail.com and I’ll gladly grant you access.

There are a few minor caveats. One of note is if you leave a comment with 3 or more URLs in it, the comment will automatically go into a queue awaiting moderation (by an administrator; currently, that’s me). [That’s an extra layer of anti-spam protection designed into WordPress.]

Any other WordPress questions? This is as good a place as any to add them in the comments. If we get enough we can always develop a FAQ.


One Response

  1. When you open your wordpress account it prompts you to create a blog – but you don’t have to do so. You can just skip that part and still contribute to the OCIS Student blog, once El Supremo (Steven)grants you access.

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