Welcome to the Student Networking Site for the Organizational Communication and Information System (OCIS) division of the Academy of Management.

Wow, that was a mouthfull! Let’s just call it the OCIS Student blog. Or, even: ocis.wordpress.com. 🙂

This forum is created expressely for OCIS student members (or other interested students) with three primary objectives:

(a) to provide a interactive location for us to share and discuss helpful resources with one another,

(b) to facilitate student interactions during that long stretch of the year between Academy of Management conferences, and

(c) to help each other navigate the trials and tribulations of entry into an academic career including how to maximize the benefit of involvement with AOM in general and, more specifically, the OCIS division.

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome aboard! 

Feel free to post a comment below. What kind of information would you find most useful? What kinds of discussions would you like to see here?


3 Responses

  1. Steven – thanks for setting this up. We have been lacking a resource like this and for those of us especially in smaller doctoral programs I’m thinking this will really change doctoral student relationships. I’m sick of seeing people 1-2 times per year only, thinking “we should work together on X,” and then not getting it done. I was hoping what we would find in this blog are two things: #1, advice and info just for PhD students that we would feel uncomfortable discussing in a more formal venue or with faculty; #2, unique insights and info that only the students have. And I’m not talking just about the best bars in Milwaukee or Atlanta, but stories of collecting data e.g. getting back in with your old company, if your school is hiring and what they are looking for (since you probably can’t apply), best bars (ok, still important), etc.

  2. Great suggestions, Dave.

    I’ve got a post in mind that is along the lines of #1. I hoping we can gain a variety of perspectives on these issues.

    For #2, let’s see, what kinds of insights come to mind from those doctoral seminars? Ah: there is no such thing as a “best bar.” Instead, one might ask what is the best kind of bar for different task types? Or, even, when is a bar best? 😉

  3. […] over two years ago, I wrote the first post on this blog. I really wasn’t sure who would read the blog, if we could build an audience, or how long the […]

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